How Music Can Help Heal the Brain​​​​​​​

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Exciting discoveries are happening every day in neuroscience, showing in dozens of studies that playing and learning music has powerful measurable effects on the brain. The challenge is that traditional piano lessons and music therapy have traditionally a steep, painful and expensive learning curve, and music notation and theory often serve as barriers rather than pathways to those needing the cognitive benefits the most, including seniors, toddlers, and special needs students, all who could benefit from an easier, faster, more accessible way to learn music.

This project, born of the surprising impact Piano Wizard has had on special needs and pre-K students, is about documenting, verifying and improving upon the anecdotal impacts that this award winning software has had to date, with deep dive, peer review worthy neuroscientific studies.

We are not sure where the data will take us, or what exactly we will find out. It is an open ended, honest scientific query to answer the question, “If learning music can have such profound impacts on the brain, can Piano Wizard, a proven software vehicle that dramatically accelerates that music learning, have an equally dramatic acceleration on cognitive development?”

We suspect the impact will be profound, as it was for Jed.

Why Music Brain Training?

Music Brain Training Company is entering a global market with paradigm shifting technology in an age where dozens of neuroscience studies ( point to dramatic positive effects of music on the cognitive capacity of children and adults alike. Piano Wizard method is proven to accelerate music learning dramatically, minutes not months, and so MBT intends to do peer review worthy neuroscience research to see if it also impacts cognitive development at that same or an accelerated rate.

Company Vision
• Universal Music Literacy for young and old alike, with the “Music Advantage” of cognitive development. Teach music as if it were a native language to millions of children worldwide through games.
• Neuroscience testing of impact of music games on accelerated cognitive development in challenged, pre-K, and senior populations.
• Bring musical cognitive enhancement tools to those populations that need them most with affordable, effective and accessible products.

If this idea intrigues you, please comment and share any ideas, ways you can support this effort, contacts you may have.


Chris Salter
Founder, Music Brain Training Company • 813-505-2995

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